.NET Graphics coordinates in a control 
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 .NET Graphics coordinates in a control

This may or may not be the right forum (a GDI+ forum may be better - if
there is one?).

I have a app that is to display the contents of a imported DXF file in a
picture box control, then the user can select certain entities from the
graphics. Import and display both work fine, but coordinate systems are an
issue. I need the picture box coordinate system to be flexible based on the
original DXF system and change the direction of the X axis. My original
thought was to translate the coordinate system from the top left of the
picture box control to the bottom left. Then rotate around the X axis by
180 to make the Y axis increase as the user moves the mouse UP the screen.
I have searched the documentation (all 3 lines of it!) and come up short.
If anyone has any suggestions for a solution or places to look for a
solution I would certainly appreciate any input!

Mon, 10 Jan 2005 05:39:32 GMT  
 .NET Graphics coordinates in a control
Here is the GDI+ thread. Please post it there.


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Wed, 12 Jan 2005 04:37:22 GMT  
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