Data1 object conversion on .NET upgrade 
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 Data1 object conversion on .NET upgrade


I am trying to upgrade an older VB3-6 application I wrote and it is not
recognizing the Data object I had on all my forms.  It therefore does not
recognize any  of the commands like Close, Recordset, DataBaseName,
RecordSource... etc. etc.

Does anyone know a way of .NET fixing these problems?

Am I forced to re-write all the data connectivity and SQL code?
If so then the upgrade path is a waste of time.   I might as well re-write
the entire application.

Hopeful of help


Tue, 28 Sep 2004 03:48:38 GMT  
 Data1 object conversion on .NET upgrade
It's probably easier to rewrite the application using the new .Net data
access method, but to fix your problem you probably just need to add a
reference to the old ActiveX data Objects ADODB.dll that you use in your vb6
applicaiton.  You can do this through the reference folder in your project

I used the converter and then found out that it would have been
better/faster to use the data access built into the framework.
(System.Data)...I have a huge applicaiton and it was a pain to convert the
old code to the new framework but it will run cleaner and you don't have to
carry around the abodb.dll file when you deploy your app later.


Tue, 28 Sep 2004 03:56:27 GMT  
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