Determining when FTP server file Upload complete 
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 Determining when FTP server file Upload complete

I have a service running on a W2K server which monitors a FTP server on
another NT4; SP6 server.  I use a file system watcher to detect when a new
file is uploading to the FTP server and depending on the file name, move it
to another folder on another server.

In general, the service is working quite well except for determining when a
file upload has completed so a sharing violation does not occur.  I've done
a lot of searching for a solution but have found nothing specific or at
least specific enough to give me a hint.  Right now I'm using a cluge
solution by running a loop on an async operation which causes a sleep state
for 5 seconds.  I've adjusted the number of iterations of the loop to handle
the largest files we receive but this is a waste on small and medium size

Any tips, suggestions or pointers on how to determine when the file upload
has completed would be appreciated.

Paul Graziani
Arkansas Department of Higher Education

Sun, 21 Aug 2005 05:35:48 GMT  
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