VSA - MethodInfo.Invoke Problem/Reflection Problem 
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 VSA - MethodInfo.Invoke Problem/Reflection Problem

I've just started woring with VSA and external scripts.  I am trying to
invoke a method in a script that references a type declared in a stand-alone
.DLL.  I am creating the .DLL reference via .CreateItem() and adding it to
the VSAEngine so that the .Compile() method completes successfully.  When I
execute the .Invoke method on the MethodInfo object, however, I get the
following error:  "File or assembly name XXXXX, or one of its dependencies,
was not found."  Where did I lose the reference or have I missed the boat?

Here is how I created the reference:
vsaRefItem = vsaItems.CreateItem("testclass.dll", VsaItemType.Reference,
vsaRefItem.AssemblyName = "C:\\Documents and

Here is the script that I am trying to execute:
module ScriptTestV
 sub main()
  dim tc as new testclass.testclass()
  dim a as string
  a = tc.GetTestMessage()
 end sub
end module

Thanks in advance,

Fri, 15 Apr 2005 09:39:46 GMT  
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