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 Best teaching book wanted

i used 'professional' by wrox

> Hi,
> I want to learn and would like advice on the best
> book to get which teaches in a tutorial style. Also is
> there a MS certification I can take to demonstrate my
> knowledge in
> Thanks and regards
> Lee

Tue, 17 May 2005 23:48:36 GMT  
 Best teaching book wanted
I have been going through ...
Programming Visual Basic.Net core reference by Francesco Balena and...
Programming Windows Visual Basic.Net by Charles Petzold
Of course I'm partial to the Petzold book because of his previous works.  In
my opinion this is an indispensable reference but I am really liking the
core reference book also.

I am more than a little disapointed with the MSDN stuff.  It seems like the
goal in the MSDN library is "quanity" not nessarily "quality".  There is a
lot of pages of documentation that tout the greatness (marketing) of the new
products without any real context of  how to use the great new features.
Don't get me wrong the content of MSDN is like a collection of spec sheets
on how features are implemented in a given language or scope.  We need that
kind of documentation also but knowing how the form class works will not get
your software products to market.
In addition there seems to be little or no real organization of the
technical documentation. It seems to be just what it appears...a collection
of spec sheets.  The way some of the linking goes sometimes I'm not sure
how... what I am reading now relates to what I was reading before.  While
this is probably all that can be expected of MS, this is not the best way to
teach technical {*filter*}s how to use the products as a whole and is
counter-productive to end goal ... programming standerdization.  MS you have
to "Win the Hearts and Minds" of your technical following.
On the other hand it leaves the field wide-open for folks like Charles
Petzold and Franco Balena to write comprehensive technical documentation to
both aquaint and teach the finer point of using MS programming languages.
The flip-side of that is (in my opinion) there are too many people writing
books who dont have a clue or dont really have more than a casual knowledge
of a given product.
I believe this is in part due to the move to "electronic documentation".  We
are all struggling (myself and my company included) to deliver good solid
technical documentation.   Electronic documentation has opened alot of new
doors but the users are still programmed to use BOOKS.  Until we come up
with a better defacto standard for how to present electronic documentation I
think it will be confusing.
Sorry........I will get off my soap box now.........Technical Documentation
is one of my hot buttons.......


> Hello, "visual step by step" by Michael Halvorson
> is one of the best books I have seen. It is good for a
> beginer and also for someone who is a vb6 programer.
> It has a table in the front that leads you through
> depending on your experience. It also has a cd with the
> lessons on it.

> Robert Hinds

> >-----Original Message-----
> >Hi,
> >I want to learn and would like advice on the best
> >book to get which teaches in a tutorial style. Also is
> >there a MS certification I can take to demonstrate my
> >knowledge in
> >Thanks and regards
> >Lee
> >.

Wed, 18 May 2005 02:23:03 GMT  
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