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 call C++ dll in

I have a c dll that contains a lot of functions I use that
was written to work with VS6.  Now I need to make it work
with dotNET.  There are a couple of problems I have
found.  This is how I declare the function in VB6

Private Declare Function SetFilePath Lib "MyToolsWork"

First the var type "as any" is not recognized in as
far as I've, seen.  Second: I know the lpPath is a string,
but I cannot set 'lpPath as string' because when I do the
function returs an err number that the functino was never
programmed to return.  Since I do not know a lot
about .NET yet I would assume there is a way to do this,
but with a little extra code to make it work

Thanks for your help!

Fri, 23 Sep 2005 21:41:06 GMT  
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