XP Themes and HelpProvider1? 
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 XP Themes and HelpProvider1?

I've created an VB.Net application with a single control button and some
textboxes.  I want the control button to use the XPTheme when the
application is run on Windows XP machines.  I wrote a manifest for my
application following Seth Grossman's January 2002 msdn article and it works

However, when I added the HelpProvider1 control to my project for the
textboxes, the XPTheme function stopped working.  The application won't run
at all if the XPTheme manifest is present in the application directory.  The
error message is "The application is incorrectly configured.  Reinstalling
it may correct this."  If you delete the XPTheme manifest, the application
runs and the F1 key works correctly for providing context sensitive help -
as it does in the development environment but the XPTheme on the button does
not appear.

How can I get both functions to work at the same time?

Robert D Allendoerfer

Thu, 06 Jan 2005 10:24:33 GMT  
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