IDE Editor in ASP.Net Web forms 
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 IDE Editor in ASP.Net Web forms

I am just a beginner using Standard VB.Net.  I am working
with the projects in "Beginning Visual Basic.NET.  When I
was trying the ASP.NET Web Application template, I used
controls on form and like the book said, I created a
blank line in the HTML code and right-clicked to add some
scripting, the code got all messed up after doing this
and I got and error message which indicated I left out '""
on line 13.  Thinking I had missed something in the
instructions in the book, I restarted the project and had
it do the same thing again.  I am getting a message that
states that 'I can't use debugging' and it told me what
to check out, which I did - without any change.  I have
everything loaded that the messages tell me that I need
(IIS, etc).  The message states that the problem is on
line 13 in each case.  I am getting very frustrated
trying to find what the problem is.  I'm thinking it is a
problem in IDE or maybe even a virus, but I have taken
the proper precautions.  I am using XP Professional.  If
anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate some help.

Thanks in advanced

Sat, 05 Nov 2005 09:22:54 GMT  
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