Way to set wrap/height in Datagrid? 
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 Way to set wrap/height in Datagrid?

For a Windows app, is there a way to make the text in
every cell (not just the current one highlighted) in a
Datagrid vertically wrap around so that you can see more
than just one line? If you click on a cell, it will auto
wrap the text if your cell is tall enough to display more
than one line, but it doesn't auto wrap any other cell
until you click it (and then it unwraps the previous
cell). I would really like every cell to display as much
text vertically as possible even when it's not
highlighted, instead of just being on one line until I
click its cell.

I searched for several hours through the newsgroups
trying to find an answer to this but couldn't. I would
really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Sun, 06 Nov 2005 06:55:39 GMT  
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