slow to boot! 
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 slow to boot!

From prior experience I've found that this is usually caused by a service
waiting to start and usually timing out. I have recently installed .NET
Framework SDK Beta 2 and this problem seems to have coincided.

The usual boot-up progress bars are fine, the system tray loads as normal
but there is about a 90-120 second delay before the desktop is loaded/drawn.
I have checked the services and all those set to auto have started ok. I
have the following 2 entries in my event log:

WMI ADAP was unable to process the PerfDisk performance library due to a
time violation in the open function
Unable to collect the FTP performance statistics. The error code returned by
the service is data DWORD 0.

Regarding the first message. I found 2 possibles for WMI - Windows
management instrumentation (correct?) both services have started.
My FTP service is disabled - confirmed in both the services and IIS.

The only reference to performance I can find in services is a service that
has been disabled.
Any ideas what is going on?
I'm not familiar with either the performance or WMI techs.
Win2k Pro, SP2, grunty PC


Tue, 26 Oct 2004 08:38:46 GMT  
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