Reuse datalist with multiple datasources? 
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 Reuse datalist with multiple datasources?


I've got a problem that I had a handy solution to in pre-.NET days.
Before, I would print out a table header and then I would have a sub
that accepted a recordset containing predetermined named columns.  The
sub would print out all rows in the recordset using the html template
defined in the sub.

Now, in .NET we have this nifty datalist control that basically mimics
that functionality. The problem is that I cannot use multiple datasets
to print out the same itemtemplate w/in the header/footer.  The
datasets are coming from distinct databases on the server but return a
set of same-named fields to be used for printing in the itemtemplate.

The datalist control apparently only actually prints out the last
datasource bound to it.

So, do you have any suggestions on how I can achieve this result using
the datalist control?



Fri, 07 May 2004 23:36:26 GMT  
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