SQLServer 2000 + VB.NET + DTS 
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 SQLServer 2000 + VB.NET + DTS

Well I found out the answer and its not pretty.

First let me say that the proper answer here is for microsoft to release
.NET versions of the SQLServer
DTS (Data Transformation) libraries (ie DTSpkg.dll, etc.)

Second,  the solution I have come up with is to write
my own VB6 based COM library that exposes functionality to create DTS
packages, and letting
vb.net create a wrapper to access it.  This solution works,
however it is very inelegant and must be replaced when
microsoft releases a proper .net library set for DTS.

Third, I tried for three days to use the dtspkg.dll directly in.NET with a
generated wrapper, so that I could directly create, execute and save a DTS
package to SQLServer 2000 through vb.net, but some of the features where not
properly exposed, so there must be some
compatibility issue with the current libraries. I hope this is
resolved shortly or that someone with further knowledge from microsoft
responds to this thread with some additional info.


> We are trying to create a new package that executes
> an SQLStatement through VB.NET.

> We have not found any .NET libs for DTS and have
> therefore imported the COM version of dtspkg etc.. into
> the VB.NET.

> To make it simple, we manually created a DTS package
> through the DTS Wizard and saved it to VB6?

> Then we attempted to port it into VB.NET

> This is were we currently stand. The port does not work.  A package can be
> created, but not brought up in the Designer due to errors.
> We can create a package but some of the constructs that are exported from
> SQLServer 2000 just don't work and I can't seem to find  workaround.

> The file attached to this message contains the script we are using as an
> example to port over.

> Has anyone done this yet??? ..from .NET??

> This is a very small example, if someone is running SQLServer 2000 and
> VB.NET, could you give this a couple minutes and see.

> Thanks in advance...

> sln

Sun, 04 Jan 2004 02:57:20 GMT  
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