need advice to convert VB app to ASP! 
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 need advice to convert VB app to ASP!

Nothing does it automatically, but if you've done a good job on coding it in
the original VB app going from there to a Webform is much easier than going
from VB to the old've still got to do a fair amount of work to do
the conversion and it's not automatic, but it's one h--- of a lot easier
than it has ben in the past.


> I was wondering what my options are for converting my VB
> windows based program to the web. I'm currently running in
> a 2-tier environment and want to add the MS Transaction
> Server and run a n-tier environment.  Are there any
> programs that automatically convert a VB app to the Web?

> Thanks in advance,

> Armeen

Tue, 08 Jun 2004 23:49:18 GMT  
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