Unable to distribute VB.net App onto Windows 2000 machines 
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 Unable to distribute VB.net App onto Windows 2000 machines

I have just overcome this by creating an install for the app.

Add a 'Deployment' project to your solution.

> I am trying to distribute a VB.net windows application onto a Windows
> 2000 machine with the .net framework. Once it has been install and run
> I get an error:

> Common Language Debugging Service
> Application has generated an exception that could not be handeled
> Process id=0x434(1076), Thread id=0x200(512)

> I have tryed this on a few of Windows 2000 machines with the same
> result. It works fine on Windows XP machines with the .net framework.

> I have also tried loading it onto a machine with just the normal
> framework, with the framework and the SP1 patch, with the framework
> and SP1 and all the updates recommended by the windows update site. As
> well as different types of distribution(the DEBUG and RELEASE types).
> All with the same result, the same error message every time.

> Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get it to run?.
> Andrew.

Wed, 04 May 2005 00:29:16 GMT  
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