dotnetfx.exe bootstrapper example setup.exe doesn't work 
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 dotnetfx.exe bootstrapper example setup.exe doesn't work

I am having problems trying to redistribute the .NET Framework with
my windows installer deployment project.

The directions I am following are located here:

Here is a link to the bootstrapper:

"[A] precompiled version of the Setup.exe Bootstrapper sample. It is freely

Now, what I have done so far is to change my deployment project to select
"Bootstrapper" to be "None."  Then I copied setup.exe, setup.ini, and
dotnetfx.exe to the same directory as the resulting MyApp.msi installer.  I
modified setup.ini to have the following properties:

FxInstallerPath=c:\documents and settings\UserName\my documents\visual

But every time I execute setup.exe I get the following error: "Application
Setup has failed.  If the problem persists, please contact Product Support."
At first I thought it was because I had "FxInstallerPath" set to "\" ".\"
and various other entries trying to tell it to look in the current directory
(instead of hardcoding a full path - which I don't want to do because this
setup will be available in many different locations).  I also tried
following the example and creating a new directory for the dotnetfx.exe
named "Redist" and making the "FxInstallerPath=Redist/" but that still gave
the same error.  I also get the error even with a fully qualified path to
dotnetfx.exe as you see above.

So what am I doing wrong?  And how do I set FxInstallerPath to "the same
directory as this setup.exe bootstrapper" as the path for the path to
dotnetfx.exe instead of giving a full path or a subdirectory?

Sun, 12 Dec 2004 01:27:19 GMT  
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