HowTo: Get UNC path based on a drive letter 
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 HowTo: Get UNC path based on a drive letter

Does anyone have any experience converting a driver letter to a UNC
path using C# or VB.NET?

Basically, I want to take "C:\abc\xyz\123.txt" and convert it to
\\MyServerName\abc\xyz\123.txt".  I have looked at the namespace but I am having a hard time figuring this

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated?

- Derek

Wed, 09 Feb 2005 04:30:28 GMT  
 HowTo: Get UNC path based on a drive letter
Hi Derek,

You will find an example at the following link:

Please note that we have not tested the sample. Try it  and see if it meets
your needs.

Hope this helps!
Bharat Patel
Microsoft, Visual Basic .NET

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Wed, 09 Feb 2005 06:21:28 GMT  
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