VB datagrid scrolling problem in VS.Net 2003 
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 VB datagrid scrolling problem in VS.Net 2003


Can anyone help with this one?

We upgraded from VS.Net 2002 to VS.Net 2003 yesterday.  
Our VB windows forms application now has the following
feature that wasn't present in the application before.

e.g. Take a windows form with a datagrid and several
buttons painted on it.  The grid has several columns and
is bound to a table from a SQL Server datasource.  
Retrieve data into the grid(you need more rows than are
visible in the grid for this to work). Click on a column
which uses the datagridtextbox style and then use the
mouse wheel to scroll up or down within the grid.  As soon
as the row that you had selected goes out of sight on the
grid, the focus moved to another control on the form,
instead of continuing to scroll.

This behaviour does not happen if the column cannot be
edited, if readonly = true for example, and will scroll

Previously in VS.Net 2002 we could scroll up and down
editable and readonly grid/columns without a problem.


Tue, 22 Nov 2005 19:35:34 GMT  
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