AddFromTemplate Method Path Error 
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 AddFromTemplate Method Path Error


> Hi All

> I am trying to programically create a new web application. It all seems
> pretty straight forward but I am seemly stuck on the AddFromTemplate

> I created a new web application and named it projBuilderTemplate and
> it on "http://localhost/ProjBuilderTemplate/ProjBuilderTemplate.vbproj"

> I have tried buth the UNC and the URl to the project file and it fails
> either way. With the UNC way it says it is a web application and so the
> should be used to the file. When I use the URL (I tried using
> name/ as well) it says it can not find the file.

> Enclosed is my code:

> Dim soln As Solution()

> Dim proj As Project

> Dim msg As String

> soln = dte.solution

> soln.Create("c:\temp3", "MyNewSolution")

> Dim template As String

> template =


- Show quoted text -


> proj = soln.AddFromTemplate(template, "c:\temp3", "My New Project", True)

> soln.SaveAs("c:\temp3\newsolution.sln")

> msg = "Created new solution: " & soln.FullName & vbCrLf

> msg = msg & "Created new project: " & proj.Name

> MsgBox(msg)

> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

> Best Regards,

> Keith

Tue, 26 Apr 2005 17:41:28 GMT  
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