Looking for consulting group in So. Cal. 
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 Looking for consulting group in So. Cal.

At the risk of getting:

1.  Inundated with solicitations outside the scope of what I'm asking.
2.  Scolded for posting in the wrong group,

My company is looking for a consulting _group_ to design some systems
for us.  Professional experience in VB.NET, with applications
installed and working at client sites, is a must.  Experience with
MS-SQL, Crystal Report Writer and VB6 is also a requirement.

We're looking for a group, as opposed to individuals, because we want
a _team_ with their own designers, project managers and developers
ready to go.  They must have their own office; we won't be able to
host any developers.

Please excuse the above curtness, but I'm afraid otherwise I'll be
getting tons of email from independant contractors soliciting work.
My CTO and I formerly worked for a development consulting firm, so
we're easy to work with and knowledgeable about systems development.
We'd be doing this work ourselves, except we have so much work to do
we need some help.  We're located in the San Gabriel Valley.

Please do not send email to the email address listed, I never check

Tue, 20 Sep 2005 09:37:09 GMT  
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