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We're always coding in Vb 6.0, now we're begining into the Vb.NET. I'd Like
to Know the differences between COM (in Vb 6.0) registered in COM+ and
Assemblies registered into The GAC. My question is When I must register
Assemblies in COM+, never?.

I think that the COM+ is replaced by de GAC, but I'm not sure. Anybody
anwser my question?.


Javier Camacho
GPM Factora Internet

Tue, 28 Dec 2004 15:23:13 GMT  
Thanks for your answer. When I access to assemblies from Remote Computer, I
have register the assemblies in COM+, and  When I share assemblies for
several applications in the same machine I have register the assembly in the
GAC, is correct?...

In my case, I want to access to assembly by pages, then I have
register the assemblies in COM+?. The development infraestructure in my
company is:

1 Development Server.- Web Server and COM+ server in the same Server.
10 Developers.- They coding in, they access to de assemblies
store in Dev Server.
4 Developers.- They coding in, they writes the assemblies.

The assemblies in some times are Transaction Components, other times not.
Where would have register the assemblies?, in GAC, in COM+, depend to if the
component is transaction COM?...

Thank you

Javier Camacho

> GAC is totally different with COM+. COM+ contains the components you can
> call from clients (other computers or process)  GAC stores assemblies
> specifically designated to be shared by several applications on the
> computer. You can refer the article about "Global Assembly Cache" in MSDN

> Luke

> (This posting is provided "AS IS", with no warranties, and confers no
> rights.)

Wed, 29 Dec 2004 19:51:33 GMT  
Your understand is correct. We can only register the assembly in local GAC
so that ASP.NET application (on same computer) can call them. To access
assembly on remote computer, you can take a look at Remoting in .Net.

Fri, 31 Dec 2004 16:41:10 GMT  
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