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 dot net system requirements

We are starting to rewrite an app in dot net, and it will eventually
need to run on some fairly old computers some of our customers are
using. I am wondering if we are going to have problems.

What are the real system requirements to run dot net on a client
machine ? I know Microsoft probably has some very low requirement
that would let the thing just barely crawl, but what do you really
need in terms of memory, processor, hard drive space and operating
system to get decent performance out of dot net ?

This will be a windows form running on the client computer that reads
and writes data from a SQLSever database off site using  It
will save that data as XML on the users hard drive.  There may also use
a windows forms control that runs in a browser.

I am not sure that any of those details matter.  Is it correct that the
big thing so far as system requirements go is installing the dot net CLR ?

Tue, 01 Feb 2005 00:28:30 GMT  
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