How are you using XML in VB.Net? 
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 How are you using XML in VB.Net?

I fell in love with XML during my latest project at work.  Personally I am
creating a game and using it to store all client side data.  It works
awesome with .Net because it so easy to store all my binary images and data
as well and since the program lends itself to many small files all named
after their ID number it works better than a relational database.  Doing it
this way is also much faster than going through a recordset and I don't have
to deal with client side MDB files or tie up huge amounts of client memory
to store the recordset.  Ironically the big drawback to XML seems to be
speed and size though.  There is no way I can get away with having gamers
pass around XML strings to each other containing status updates.  The other
thing is while XSLT is great for creating HTML or converting to other
text-like data types it seems there should be a XSLBT (B=Binary).  It would
be awesome to have some sort of blazing fast mechanism to transform XML into
a collection of classes.  I currently do this myself and it works but it
just seems clunky having to write code for every new class.  We now have a
Reflection class and my properties are named after my XML elements...did I
miss something that is already built in or should I get to work on the
universal XSLBT?  By the way, I currently do it this way:  First I write a
schema, then I use the Dataset stuff to load the schema and the XML file,
then I loop through the dataset and build my collection of classes.  Am I
doing that in the most efficient manner?  I guess what bugs me is I'm
constantly writing new code to loop through and assign XML elements to
properties with the same name.  I'm very interested in a deep conversation
on this so get back to me if you are too.  Ken.

Sat, 27 Mar 2004 11:18:02 GMT  
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