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 Filter in VB Issue

I am using the FilterGraph interface of Active Movie.  What I need to do is
add a filter that ??takes a paramiter??.

When you add the filter in GraphEdit it asks you for a filename, so I added
the filter in VB and set the filename.  VB blew up, seems the pin for the
filename dosn't exist untill you assign it a file.

I tried using the filter / file with the AddSourceFile method, that dosn't
work eather, it just sees it as a normal text file.

Is it possible to add the "I-Media Multiple MPEG Source" filter in VB and
set its source file?  If somone could explane how I would be forever in your
debt :-)

Matthew Hazlett
hazlema (at) fragnet (dot) net
"Waiting for the day C++ and VB are one big happy inherited function"

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Sun, 30 Jan 2005 01:38:24 GMT  
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