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 yag's status report

Hi there,

This is my status report - just to let everyone know what I've been up to. I
'll be posting these occasionally to let you know what's coming down the

I'm focusing heavily on education and knowledge transfer. As such, I've done
the following:

  1.. Posted the list of white papers that we've released this week (see
duplicate below)
  2.. I'm setting up some chats with the writers of the white papers - I
figure that we'll try to standardize on a chat around 2 weeks after a paper
comes out. That way everyone has time to read it. I'm hoping to post the
chat transcript as an add-on to the white paper.
  3.. I've asked various people here to put together short bios so that you
can know who you'll be interacting with

White Papers released this week:

Focus Area: WinForms

Essential Code for Windows Forms Dialog Boxes

( http://www.*-*-*.com/

Using Windows XP Visual Styles with Controls on Windows Forms


Shaped Windows Forms and Controls in Visual Studio .NET


Deployment Changes in Visual Basic .NET


Security Concerns for Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET Programmers


Upcoming focus areas:

Week of 1/28: Web/ASP.

Week of 2/11: VS Tools

Week of 2/18: Enterprise

If you have any ideas for white papers - let me know.

Tue, 13 Jul 2004 06:10:57 GMT  
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