upgrade to .net (property bags or property sets) ? 
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 upgrade to .net (property bags or property sets) ?

I am converting a VB6 project which use (farpoint input Pro, tab pro
and spread sheet) to VB.net. After run the VS.net upgrade wizard, it
generates a lot of errors and some related to farpoint product, here
are some of them:

fpCombo property cboCoTo.ColDesigner was not upgraded.
fpCombo property cboProdTo.DataSource was not
fpCombo property cboProdTo.Bindings was not upgraded.
fpList property lstAccounts.Bindings was not upgraded.
fpList property lstImport.ColDesigner was not

I contacted the farpoint tech. support and here is what they said:

"I suggest contacting Microsoft to find out how they propose upgrading
properties that are no longer supported in .NET (ie. DataSource),
and how to upgrade properties that have property bags or property sets
as their settings (ie. the other properties)."

Anyone know this issues or has any use info. link?


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Sun, 30 Jan 2005 02:16:37 GMT  
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