Smart VB Client deployed over the Web 
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 Smart VB Client deployed over the Web

I have created a simple VB app which is a simple MDI Form with a menu bar
that has a few menu items
File | Open
File | Open | Customer

When I enter this URL in my browser the application will run fine.

Next I create a new Class Library.  I added a new form to the project and
named it frmCustomer.

In my original project I added a reference to the new Class Library project.
I also added an event handler to the mnuCustomer.Click event

Dim fCustomer as New Customer.frmCustomer
fCustomer.MDIParent = Me

In the development environment it works fine.  Now I copied the new exe and
.dll to the webserver.  When I access the exe through internet explorer I
get a security violation and I get prompted to load the de{*filter*}.

I have read bits here and there discussing the need to created a
configuration file that tells the runtime where to find the other
assemblies, but I can't find a good example of the syntax of this file


Mon, 31 Jan 2005 11:18:25 GMT  
 Smart VB Client deployed over the Web

You may want to review the following article:


Yan Liu
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Mon, 31 Jan 2005 16:51:35 GMT  
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