How to have Whole DataGrid in Editmode 
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 How to have Whole DataGrid in Editmode

I found a solution for editable columns!!!

I have controls in my app with editable columns that I designed this

It's not the cleanest code but it works.

Here's the code that the page.onsubmit implements that gets the values of a
column of Textboxes .

I have a table loaded into a grid, and the ItemTemplate of one of the
columns is a text box.  When the page is submitted I go through the grids
items, which is equal to the number of rows in the table it's representing
and do a findcontrol on the textbox's name "ParentId" in this case and then
get the unique name from it's naming container which allows me to get it's
value from the request parameters returned from the page..

private void Submit1_ServerClick(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


                  //  I saved the dataset that was loaded into the grid in a
session variable.

                  DataSet ds = (DataSet)Session["handofflist"];

                  int nRecords = ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count;

                  int cd = DataGrid1.Items.Count;

                  for (int c = 0; c < DataGrid1.Items.Count;   c++)


                        Control ParentIdTextBox =

                        if (ParentIdTextBox != null)


                              string viewStateData =
Request.Params.Get(ParentIdTextBox.NamingContainer.UniqueID + ":ParentId");

//((DataColumn)ds.Tables[0].Rows[c]["NEW_PARENT_CONTAINER_ID"]).ReadOnly =

ds.Tables[0].Rows[c]["NEW_PARENT_CONTAINER_ID"] = viewStateData;

                              DataRow r = ds.Tables[0].Rows[c];

                              DataRow r2 = ds.Tables[0].Rows[c];



                  DataColumn[] keys = new DataColumn[2];

                  keys[0] = ds.Tables[0].Columns["container_id"];

                  keys[1] = ds.Tables[0].Columns["transfer_id"];

                  ds.Tables[0].PrimaryKey = keys;

                  int count = UpdateAdapter.Update(ds.Tables[0]);

                  DataGrid1.DataSource = ds;



> We are assuming that you are referring to a WebForm application.  There is
> not an easy solution to your problem.  You will probably need to create
> own grid control that supports this feature.

> Mike and Yannick
> VB .Net Team

> --
> This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

> > I import data in a Datagrid from an Excel spreadsheet...... Done

> > I now need to give an option to edit a column / delete a row. I don't
> > to have edit/delete buttons for each row. I want to have all the cells
> a
> > selected column in editmode.

> > Update revised data to database

> > Any ideas would be appreciated.

> > Thanks,
> > Raj

Sat, 29 Jan 2005 00:10:42 GMT  
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