"Progress" control collection (CoolLabel and CoolProgressBar) 
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 "Progress" control collection (CoolLabel and CoolProgressBar)

Now you have the chance to try out my new feature-packed "Progress" control
collection which is greatly improved over the *pitiful* MS standard

Features include:

- you can display two different color gradients for background and text
  (or normal uniform colors, of course)
- orientation can be horizontal or vertical
- gradients can be either horizontal or vertical, independent from each
  other and independent from orientation
- label can be used as a hyperlink
- link can be always underlined or hover (only underlined when the mouse
  points at it)
- label can be used as a button. This way, the border will appear raised on
  mouse hovering and pressed when clicked
- created completely from scratch, so no right-alignment-bug :D
- choose among several different border sytles
- missing VB6? Use the "Caption" property for the text!
  (anyway, there's a bug in the "Text" property, so I can't use it)

- smooth progress bar instead of the *ugly* block-style stuff
- can have a gradient or uniform color
- gradient can be horizontal or vertical, independent from orientation
- orientation can be horizontal or vertical
- progress indicator on the progress bar which changes color when the
  progress bar passes over it (fully cutsomizable)
- choose among several different border styles

"Geez, that'll surely cost a fortune...", you'll say now. But no! It's
completely FREE! :D

Step right up now and get your FREE copy of my ultimative control
collection right here (bottom of the page):

I'd like to hear from you what you think of it!

Tenchi (remove 'spam.be.gone' for emails)

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