Do...Loop, help 
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 Do...Loop, help

 New at this, not sure if I am in the right group but maybe someone can

I am using VBA in MS Excel and trying to use an Do....Loop and a
I am trying to get the macro to check if it is at a certain cell on the
spreadsheet, if so, to exit sub.

I have used    If ActiveCell = Blank Then     and that works, but when I try
writing   If ActiveCell = Range("A17") Then.....or    If ActiveCell =
"R17C1" Then......or    If ActiveCell = "=R17C1" Then      it either exits
the sub from any cell or ignored the statement. Is there a way to tell the
macro, in a Do...Loop and a IF....Then....Else...... statement so that it
will know which cell it is in ?

If anyone can help my Thanks in advance.

Fri, 30 May 2003 03:16:19 GMT  
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