can visual studio make sounds on Error? 
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 can visual studio make sounds on Error?

This sounds like an interesting idea but is currently not possible.

Visual Basic .Net

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> Hi

> when writing vb code it has the feature of making an underline on the code
> which will not work.

> is there some way to associate a sound to the speakers when it makes the
> underline?

> Id like some audio feedback that there is something wrong

> thanks

Sat, 29 Jan 2005 03:39:38 GMT  
 can visual studio make sounds on Error?

Thanks Steve.

I sure couldnt find anything to set it, Ive noticed that I change the
IDE layout, sometimes it shows the task list tab, other times I have to
search for it;

the system Im using is SO SLOW that there are times it takes almost 10
seconds for it to even check the code, other times, it will not do the
auto complete, nor format the code position correctly, like its just
tired and doesnt want to.  it acts very analog.

I realize there is no auto complete for undefined items, its when it
should autocomplete and doesnt.

I get tired of waiting for it to underline, and want to do something
else in the meantime.

then I  had ideas of hooking the speaker wires to electrodes on my
forehead so that if I make a mistake, it shocks me, but I think Id
rather try the audio first.

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Sat, 29 Jan 2005 04:13:07 GMT  
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