Serialization Problems(On a form or in a module???) 
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 Serialization Problems(On a form or in a module???)

I wonder if anyone has seen this before.
I and a colleague have been testing the Vbnet serialization SOAP formatters
and have encountered some strange behavior.

Take a class that raises an event. It is marked as serializable.
If we then try and populate the class within the instance of a form and then
attempt to serialize it, the compiler comes up with an error,
"Windows.system.forms is not marked as seriliazable" appears. If we move the
exact same code into a module, it works fine and we can serialize and
de-serialize to our hearts content.
We evenr marked the form as serilizable but this still made no difference.
Does this mean that one can only use the serialization class when it is
hosted in a non form class or module??? Or have we just missed something??


Sat, 29 Jan 2005 03:25:26 GMT  
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