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Hi all,
  I'm using the FileSystemWatcher object within a Windows Service
Application.  It seems to work if I place files in the folder it's
monitoring one by one but if I place multiple files (I placed four files in
the folder at once) the filesystemwatcher doesn't get them all.  I'm using
the FileSystemWatcher1_Created method with a NotifyFilter Setting of
"FileName, DirectoryName, LastWrite" to detect the files and act on them.
All files placed in the folder have the proper extension which falls under
the file mask I have defined so all should be detected.

Shouldn't all files be detected and as such acted upon?

Now, my question is there a way to monitor the folder and pick files up
WithOut needing any activity.  For instance, on a timer, monitor the folder
and pick up files with that extension.  Does FileSystemWatcher have this
funcitonality or will I need to build it into my Windows Service?

Thanks in advance,


Mon, 27 Dec 2004 04:59:18 GMT  
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