Form Design Question -- Matching items in two listboxes 
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 Form Design Question -- Matching items in two listboxes

Here's what I'd like to accomplish.  I'd like to have two listboxes on my
form (side by side).  I'd like the user to first select an item from the
left-hand listbox and then select an item from the right-hand listbox.  The
user will then click a "Match" button.  I'd like a line to then be drawn
between those two items in the listboxes.  Think of this interface the same
as what you'd find in SQL Server's DTS when you match colums from the Source
and Destination data sources.

Drawing a line on a form is relatively easy.  However, there are three
"tricky" areas that I can see -- they are as follows:

1) Knowing the coordinates (on the form) of the item in the list so I know
where to start my line.
2) Updating the lines when the user scrolls one or both of the listboxes.
3) Allowing the user to "select" a line and click on a "Remove" button to
remove that match.

So, what I'm wondering is if someone out there has already done this and
might be willing to share a sample...  If not, got any ideas in regards to
my three "issues"?

Thanks in advance for your help!

TK Herman
tk.herman AT

Mon, 27 Sep 2004 04:51:03 GMT  
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