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 Wireless networking

How can the configuration settings for a wireless network card be set
programatically?  I'm hoping to use this in Visual Basic .net either
directly or via a C++ DLL or API call.  I am able to set some properties of
standard ethernet cards using netsh.exe, but I cannot see how to do the same
for the wireless card.  I want to be able to configure the wireless card's
settings for ad-hoc/access-point, encryption settings, ESSID and TCP/IP
settings and others.  I can see some of these values browsing through the
registery.  Is there a better way than mucking directly with the registry?
Or if that is the only way, is there a documented procedure for modifying
those settings and their locations?

    Also is there an API interface to the wireless card's signal strength?
I'm refering to the signal strength that is displayed in the "Network
Connection Status" window that can be accessed by clicking "Status" after
right clicking the wireless connection icon.  I also want to access that
programatically and display it in a user application.


Mon, 27 Dec 2004 00:01:11 GMT  
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