latebound expression Error 
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 latebound expression Error

I have an app that reads in the elements of an xml doc.  The elements are
DSN's.  I am trying to allow users the abilty to edit the DSN settings.  I
have created a structure for the dsns and as I read in the elements they are
assigned to their respective structure and then added to the arraylist. I
want to be able to write the changes back to the xml doc.  I can do this for
a single record but if the users wants to make multiple changes I would like
to rewrite the xml doc only once instead of for every change. I tried doing
this by changing the values in the arrray list by navigating to the proper
index but once I try to assign to the arraylist I get

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Exception' occurred in

Additional information: Latebound assignment to a field of value type
'DSNInformation' is not valid when 'DSNInformation' is the result of a
latebound expression.

Here is a snippet of the code:
sUpdateDSN.DataSourceName = ComboDSN.Text

sUpdateDSN.DatabaseName = txtDBName.Text

sUpdateDSN.Description = txtDesc.Text

sUpdateDSN.LastUser = txtUserName.Text

sUpdateDSN.Server = txtServer.Text

nDSN = ComboDSN.SelectedIndex

arrDSNS(nDSN).DataSourceName = sUpdateDSN.DataSourceName

arrDSNS(nDSN).DataBaseName = sUpdateDSN.DatabaseName

arrDSNS(nDSN).Description = sUpdateDSN.Description

arrDSNS(nDSN).LastUser = sUpdateDSN.LastUser

arrDSNS(nDSN).Server = sUpdateDSN.Server

Thanks for any help

Sat, 17 Sep 2005 09:53:08 GMT  
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