How can I get a checked box value updated? 
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 How can I get a checked box value updated?


I have a little program that using the combo box to select the index
of a table and then do the update. On the table, I have a checked box
and now I am having problems of update the checked box value to the

Say my little program like this:

Private Sub cboUserName_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As
System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles

        Dim drCurr As DataRow
        Dim aFindValue(0) As Object

        'load the item to look up,and use the find method
        aFindValue(0) = cboUserName.SelectedItem(0)
        drCurr = mdtUser.Rows.Find(aFindValue)

        'load up the fields on the form
        txtUserName.Text = drCurr("UserID").ToString
        txtPassWord.Text = drCurr("PassWord").ToString
        txtFirstName.Text = drCurr("FirstName").ToString
        txtLastName.Text = drCurr("LastName").ToString
        txtGroup.Text = drCurr("GroupID").ToString
        ckDisableUser.Checked = drCurr("Disable_Flag").toBoolean

    End Sub

The last line of the program is actually a logic datatype in the
database and it is a checkbox in my window form. For the text box
part, I have no problem update the values, but the last
part(ckDisableUser) I cant update the value to the database. I test it
with toBoolean and toString, nothing works. Does anyone knows how to
make it work?

Thank you.


Wed, 21 Sep 2005 05:06:29 GMT  
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