edit: copying loads of data fron a text file to a table 
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 edit: copying loads of data fron a text file to a table


When I open the TXT file from my server. the structure is as follows (dont
know if this might help)

(the * sign is actually a weird black sqaure in the textfile. This might
represent a line break, I m not sure)

> At the moment I am doing this manually. A txt file consists of 965 email
> addy's. these are ppl who have registerd to my newsletter via a Perl
> The mail addy's are copied into this txt file by he script.

> I want to transfer the newsletter stuff to my own VBScript mail
> I need the emails inside a database.
>  Each email addy must go into a sepperate field.

> [txt file]

> ...
> ...
> etc

> [/txt file]

> I know VBScript is perfect for automating stuff like this. but how would I
> go about this?
> Build a VBS function that retrieves each addy and posts it into a table.
> Can be, posting  straight the Access2000 database, or having the
> get posted into an HTML table or Excel sheet is all the same to me. As
> as the result consists of something that can be imported into Access

> Any info is very much appreciated

> thanks in advance

> Jim

Mon, 13 Oct 2003 00:08:44 GMT  
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