Passing an Array from a Function 
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 Passing an Array from a Function

I have created a function that creates an array.  I want to call the
function from my main program and then get back the array so that I can use

       Function ParseOutComands(StoreForAction)        'This is the function
that creates the array, StoreForAction is a text string

        BarcodeArray()     'This is my array, it will create 5 individual
strings from the StoreForAction string

The sintax is killing me.  Within the ParseOutComands() function, what is
the sintax for assinging the array, I am using:

Then in my main program I am doing something like:

        BarcodeArray1 = ParseOutComands(StoreForAction)
        CommandCode = Trim(BarcodeArray1(1))
        PartNum = Trim(BarcodeArray1(2))
        Op = Trim(BarcodeArray1(3))
       TypeID = Trim(BarcodeArray1(4))
       Qty = Trim(BarcodeArray1(5))

msgbox "Command Code= " & CommandCode & " PartNumber= " & PartNum & " Op
Number= " & Op & " Type= " & TypeID & " Qty= " & Qty

How is this supposed to be accomplished?

Thanks, Mitch

Thu, 20 Nov 2003 03:26:58 GMT  
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