DHTML, Access97, ADO and VB Scripting 
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 DHTML, Access97, ADO and VB Scripting

I am trying to set up an Intranet on a
small Win98 network.

I want to use IE5 for updating and querying
an Access97 database.

I am proposing to use the Data Objects of DHTML
as my interfaces.

I do not want to use a server (ie PWS) as that
will need better support than I can provide.

What files do I need on each PC with regard to

ODBC, ADO and Jet Engine 3.51.

Is there anywhere an example VBScript, using ADO
to connect, query, add and update an Access97
database.  All the ones I have found, refer to the
Table Control for csv files or ADO using ASP or VB,
not as DHTML.

Any help with the above would be most appreciated
as I am approaching silver surfer status and new
concepts are not absorbed as quickly as before.



Fri, 09 Jan 2004 18:42:31 GMT  
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