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 Show progress bar

I want to be able to show a standard windows progress bar or gui when my script
runs. I.E., when I am copying a bunch of files, the progress bar will show how
far along I am and how many percent complete.

Sat, 23 Aug 2003 02:44:35 GMT  
 Show progress bar
Here is a basic way of doing it.

'Start of script
On Error Resume Next
Dim IE, Counter
Counter = 1
' Display IE status window
Call CreateIE()
' rest of script here
For I = 1 to 10
  Increment ' sub to increment to percentage complete table
  Wscript.Echo I * 10 & "% Complete"
set myDoc = IE.document.all("message")
myDoc.innerTEXT = "Script Complete"

'End of script
Sub CreateIE()
  On Error Resume Next
  Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
  ie.navigate "c:\scripts\progress.htm"
  Do while ie.Busy
    ' wait for page to load, better to use a COM object to wait
End Sub

Sub Increment()
If Counter < 11 Then
  set myDoc = IE.document.all("t" & Counter)
  myDoc.setAttribute "bgColor","Blue"
    Counter = Counter + 1
End If
End Sub
Here is the HTML page (progress.htm)...
<CENTER><TABLE border=1 width=420>
<TR><TD><TABLE border=0 width=400>
<TR><TD bgColor=white id=t1 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t2 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t3 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t4 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t5 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t6 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t7 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t8 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t9 width="10%"> </TD>
<TD bgColor=white id=t10 width="10%"> </TD>
<P id=message>Please Wait, Running Script</P>

You can also find some other examples at

Sat, 23 Aug 2003 03:45:20 GMT  
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