2nd Post: IFRAME DIVs and form fields 
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 2nd Post: IFRAME DIVs and form fields

Hello Everyone

I have a small problem I could use some help with.  I have a web page
delivered using ASP.  This web page is a form that has been set across 6
DIVs.  In the 4th DIV there is an IFRAME that I would like to access hidden
form fields.  I have used the following VBScript on a test page and it seems
to work on the test page but not on the production page.  Below is the
vbscript to copy the form fields:

sub cpykb()
' msgbox "Sub executed."
 set diframe=document.i1
 set cform=document.pts
end sub

I know the event is fired but the form fields neve get copied.

Any suggestions?

Thanks --
Bryant W. Wilkins

Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:26:16 GMT  
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