Easy question I'm sure - never written vbscript before 
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 Easy question I'm sure - never written vbscript before

Let's say I have an html form with a text box for user input and a
listbox to the right.  After the user enters a customer account in the
text box, I want to be able to detect this using the OnChange event,
then open a recordset to find all the products belonging to this
account and populate the listbox with them.
What's the easiest way to do this?
Do I need my VBScript for the event to runat=server in order to open
the recordset, find the products, and assign the <OPTION>'s to a
global server-side variable, and have something like this in my html:
<option><%=myvariable%>?  If I do that, how do I refresh the display
so that the retrieved list shows in the listbox?
Do I instead not run the event trigger as runat=server and submit the
page with a querystring or something that tells my main vbscript <%
------ %> code block (outside the event trigger) to find the product
Sorry I'm so clueless, I haven't written any significant event trigger
code before.
Any help would be immensely appreciated.


Mon, 15 Mar 2004 21:41:06 GMT  
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