IIS 5.1 (Win XP) Setting Cookies via Response.Cookies collection problem 
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 IIS 5.1 (Win XP) Setting Cookies via Response.Cookies collection problem

I have recently installed Win XP with IIS 5.1
and encountered very strange problem..
1.asp :
Response.Cookies ("TEST_COOKIE") = "Value"
<!-- here the form which has an action to 2.asp. -- >

2.asp :
Response.Write "TEST_COOKIE: " & Request.Cookies

And output for Request.Cookies("TEST_COOKIE") is empty!

And Request.ServerVariables ("HTTP_COOKIE") also gives
nothing. I know that this sample works great at IIS 5.0
(Win 2000)
Where the problem?, Please, help..

Thu, 10 Feb 2005 17:49:05 GMT  
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