Anyway to Clear / Delete / Remove all rows from an HTML Table 
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 Anyway to Clear / Delete / Remove all rows from an HTML Table

I have worked out how to dynamically create rows and cells of a table

myrow = document.all.tablename.insertrow()
mycell = myrow.insertcell()

mycell.innerhtml = "values"

but how do I delete them to re-create it with new data.  Deleterow()
seems a bit crude and as it does not take a number value, probably a
bit slow, if the original table is big.

Also why does document.all.tabname.rows.length = 1 when no rows have
been added to a table nor have any been specified in original HTML


<table id="testtab"></table>

Thanks for any help


Mon, 26 Jan 2004 03:10:21 GMT  
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