I need vc ide macro help, trying to create a move to end of word macro 
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 I need vc ide macro help, trying to create a move to end of word macro

I know you can cntrl - right arrow key to move to the beginning of the next
word but I would like to just move to the end of the word. I thought that
usign ctrl-right arrow then back up a space (or more) would suffice or if
that did not work just move the cursor right until a space then back up.

In either case I cannot get anything to work correctly. I been working with
this macro that selects the current word but every action it takes is
working with the ActiveDocument.Selection which is not what I want but I
cannot seem to find the command to move with out selecting.

Any ideas Thanks

btw SendKeys is not available in the ide

Sun, 17 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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