FSO Object, UNC Naming, and Multiple Webserver Farm 
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 FSO Object, UNC Naming, and Multiple Webserver Farm


Not certain if this is the correct newsgroup ... but here
it goes:

We are preparing to migrate 100+ Intranet websites to a
multiple server, load-balanced "web farm". Many of our
sites utilize the FileSystemObject feature (VBScript) and
access the files via a UNC similar to the following:
"\\serverName\folderOrVirtualFolder\fileName.ext" - all
work without any problems on our existing, single-server

In our new "farm" there is a central datastore for all
content that every server in the farm will be pointed at
and set as the webroot. In testing, it appears that the
FSO functionality no longer works with the UNC

Are there known issues with multiple webserver
configurations pointing to a single datastore via UNC
that cause FSO to "break"?

If there is, is there a known workaround or some way we
can modify our configuration (easily) to restore

Please send a copy of your reply to

information in

Sun, 18 Jul 2004 23:04:45 GMT  
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