Scripting Office XP Service Pack 2 upgrade. 
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 Scripting Office XP Service Pack 2 upgrade.

Hello all,

I am putting together a script to upgrade office xp to service pack 2. I
however am having a problem finding where to test the service pack level. I
have looked thru out the registry, tried to access properties of the of the
excel.application or word.application objects but I get nothing but the
office version and build number. I believe the service pack level to be the
third part of the version number listed on on the help>about of any office

If anyone just happens to know where I can access the data that I need. It
would be very very much appreciated.

Please accept my apologies if this is the wrong NG to post this question.


Tue, 28 Jun 2005 00:51:22 GMT  
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