Tricky problem - Setting the position of an InputBox from VBscript 
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 Tricky problem - Setting the position of an InputBox from VBscript

I am using the InputBox function in an IE 5.5 client-side VBScript. However
it seems from the MSDN documentation that the optional xpos and ypos
properties are using Twips as units, which is an absolute measurement system
based on the physical size. (1/1440 of an inch.)

In a VB app there is TwipsPerPixel property of the Screen object, but not in
the IE Screen object.

I could manually convert the pixel value to twips if I knew the physical
size of the client's screen in inches, but I can see no way of accessing
that information without having to use an client-side ActiveX control that
provides the type of functionality found in GDI functions like
GetDeviceCaps. The IE Screen object only gives the size in pixels and does
not have the VB Screen object's TwipsPerPixel property.

Does anyone know another way to convert screen co-ordinates from pixels to
twips in client-side VBScript that does not require an ActiveX control?

Love and sloppy ones,
Aunty Dan
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Sat, 08 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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