problem with response.redirect and forms 
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 problem with response.redirect and forms


i've encountered a strange problem involving Session, response.redirect and
the Request object. basically, i need to keep a request.form object in
session.. lets say my first page looks like this:

<FORM method="post" action="form_set.asp">
 <TEXTAREA name="myTextarea">
    If Session("objForm") <> "" Then
     Response.Write Session("objForm")("myTextarea")
    End If
 <INPUT TYPE="submit">

i post the form to this page:

Set Session("objForm") = Request.Form

i set the Session variable to the request.form collection. so, i would
expect that Session("objForm")("myTextarea") would return the text i entered
in the first page. if i do not redirect back to the first page, everything
is fine (ie: objForm is set, i can access myTextArea,etc). but when i use
response.redirect, the session variable is empty! when i use server.transfer
instead, it works. is this the normal behavior? why can't i put request.form
in session when using response.redirect?

thanks a lot,

Tue, 03 Aug 2004 03:42:59 GMT  
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