WSH calls VBA or VBA calls WSH 
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 WSH calls VBA or VBA calls WSH

I am at the evaluating stage of WSH. I am unsure whether it is better to use
VBScript to call VBA within an application or use VBA in an application to
call VBScript.

I know that not all the VBA functions are present in VBScript. I think I
need some of the VBScript functions to do what I plan. This would suggest
VBA calls VBS whereas it is not possible I think to control the WSH thread
synchronization without pauses and control variables accessible to both.
This would suggest VBS calls VBA.

All the above means I need help and advice from people who have been there
done that AND can advise me.

Alan Cameron

Sun, 05 Dec 2004 05:54:24 GMT  
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